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7 things you absolutely must give up to be truly Happy

Yes these 7 things need to be given up !We spend so much time and energy in trying to learn what will make us happy and successful but

Samosa and Happiness true story by MakeHappyFoundation - Made with PosterMyWall

Happiness and Samosa , a true story ! Miss it at your own risk!

Happiness and Samosa is something which happened to me . Happiness! Are we missing the point? I want to tell you what happened today, I have a group of friends who are crazy about Hindi literature and Sher-o -Shayari. We try to catch up off and on to savour gazals and stories. Today was one […]

letters between sisters makehappyfoundationcom

This Beautiful Audio letter will move you to tears! If you have a Sister you are Lucky!

Listen to this Audio Letter between two sisters Mili and Seema to relive those sibling moments! You too can send your letters to us and we will surely broadcast them on Radio Bebaak Parindey, from Make Happy Foundation. Here is the letter: Some more awesome stuff for you! Why an early retirement can boost […]

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These 3 videos will change your life forever! Must Watch

These 3 videos will change your outlook to life for good! They are straightforward , no mincing of words and based on research. Watch them and enjoy! Video 1 Did you know about NOCEBO? Video 2 : Bad bosses ruin more than just your DAY! Video 3 : These 3 Happiness techniques will sky rocket […]

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Choose a symbol, know your future for next 45 days!Simple !

Choose a Symbol from among the following to know your future Cat,Horse,Snake,Tree,River,Star,Dog   what you choose reveals what is coming your way way in next 45 days!   Symbol The Future Cat Abundance Horse Progress Snake Spiritual Growth Tree Travel River Closure of Chapter Star Health Dog Love Some more amazing stuff Grey hair can be […]

Happiness Quote 5 wwwMakeHappyFoundationCom - Made with PosterMyWall

Awesome Life and motivational quotes , best of Make Happy Foundation

We bring you the best of Life and Motivational quotes , these are Make Happy Foundation originals. Please feel free to use them with credit to us. Here we go!!       More Awesome Stuff just for you! Photos you can’t believe!  Mom and Child paintings to melt your heart What really really makes […]

Happy children enjoying an interactive session

• Practice Gratitude. • Live on Less • Provide for Yourself, be self-sustaining • Appreciate the Outdoors • Seek Community & Build Family Ties.

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