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What does your Nose Shape say about you - Made with PosterMyWall

What does your Nose Shape say about you? Find out!

Well your Nose Shape does say a lot about you. This is scientific Face Reading. So what does your nose say! Β  1.The Nubian nose This type of nose has the downward pointing tip, and the bridge of it always remains straight and rigid. The downward tip defines that the person is down to earth […]

Choose a colour and know your current vibration you are sending to Universe - Made with PosterMyWall

Choose a Color and know your dominant Vibrational Frequency, The Secrets, you attract by your frequencies

Simple choose a colour which comes to your mind first and I will tell you the dominant Vibrational Frequency you are experiencing at the moment. Your dominant frequency determines what you will attract from the universe. The Secret is what you give out you get!!! So go for it!   Colour Dominant Vibrational Frequency Yellow […]

Number you choose reveals you spiritual self - Made with PosterMyWall

The number you think first tells about your spiritual self at the moment.

Know your Spiritual Self .What number comes to your mind first between 1 to 13? You will be amazed with what it reveals. An awesome Interpretation   Number Interpretation 1. Monetary insecurity should be dealt with   2. You are getting this feeling that you are close to a breakthrough spiritually 3. Longing for love […]

Inspiring True Stories You must Watch - Made with PosterMyWall

2 Inspiring True Stories you must watch!!

Here are 2 inspiring true stories. You must watch these to know what positive attitudes can do!   Please give us feedback on our initiative.Β Β Β  Like us, tweet us, share us

Start Up Expo 3, Make Happy Foundation

Start up Expo 3 , Make Happy Foundation creates ripples, Passion works!

Yes we were part of the Start up Expo 3 and sharing the passion and theΒ  experience with pictures. It has been a totally amazing week for Make Happy Foundation. We were invited to attend the Start Up Expo 3 at Pragati Maidan in Delhi on 6th October 2018. I was in two minds to […]

say no

Hey Women! 10 things you must say No to for Happiness

Ladies if you start saying No to these 10 things I can guarantee that you will be , happier, joyful and younger than ever before. It is most empowering to say No and NO means NO !

Happy children enjoying an interactive session

β€’ Practice Gratitude. β€’ Live on Less β€’ Provide for Yourself, be self-sustaining β€’ Appreciate the Outdoors β€’ Seek Community & Build Family Ties.

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