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The Spirit of Christmas , Giving and sharing …. Street School Kids performing at Kingdom of Dreams

The Spirit of Christmas .We at Make Happy Foundation are so proud to have trained the Jyeshtha Street School kids to perform at Kingdom of Dreams. The kids are amazingly talented. We want to thank LAMP and Lorraine Academy of Music for making this Christmas Gift possible. Here are the glimpses. Here is a video: […]

Affectionately yours Radi Bebaak Parindey - Made with PosterMyWall

“Affectionately Yours” Letters full of Love and Memories by Radio Bebaak Parindey!

” Affectionately Yours” Letters full of Love and Memories. Radio Bebaak Parindey has an awesome new program of letter reading . Today we are reading Rashmi’s letter to her sister Ragini. You can also send you letters full of emotions and  memories. Send your letter at or WhatsApp at 8368184017 Click here for the […]

Khusboo mein bheege khat Affectionately yours Radi Bebaak Parindey - Made with PosterMyWall

“खुशबू में भीगे हुए खत ” रेडियो बेबाक परिंदे पर एक हसींन प्रोग्राम

खुशबू में भीगे हुए खत , रेडियो बेबाक परिंदे पर एक हसींन प्रोग्राम आज का खत है मिली का उनकी दीदी सीमा के नाम . आप भी अपने खत शामिल कर सकते हैं . पता है ईमेल  whatsApp 8368184017 Click here for the full episode of khushboo mein bheege kuch khat Some more Awesomeness!! […]

Chandni Chowk @ 299

Why “Less” leads to more Happiness, Creativity and resourcefulness? Our trip to Chandni Chowk @299/-

An amazing tour to know Less is more, Chandni Chowk @ 299, this can change your life join our happiness course and upgrade your brain

Stop Invasion of Privacy

Loss of privacy ruins happiness, shocking truth about Google data collection.

The news on data invasion and privacy invasion had flooded us in recent times. Be it Google, facebook or other apps. and shocking truths have come out.Loss of privacy affects human being very seriously, kills happiness, curtails joy and seriously damages your happiness quotient. Loss or invasion of privacy can result in many negative types […]

5 Simple Happiness Hacks - Made with PosterMyWall

How to be Really Happy, 5 simple Hacks.

Here are 5 Really Really easy Happiness Hacks, Simple ways to boost your Happiness Everyday. A must watch, hardly takes 2 minutes!   More Awesome Watchable stuff This little girl will make you cry Are you a garbage truck! 5 movies to watch for Happiness! Like us , share us, tweet us

Happy children enjoying an interactive session

• Practice Gratitude. • Live on Less • Provide for Yourself, be self-sustaining • Appreciate the Outdoors • Seek Community & Build Family Ties.

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