Letters to Myself Workshop
Letters to my workshop Forgiveness letter to myself,

Letters to Myself Workshop – 7th April 2018

 An immensely satisfying and effective workshop on “Letters to Myself” was held at the Happiness Studio, Make Happy Foundation. Writing letters to your own self is an amazing way to discover yourself. For everything else there is Google!

Writing to your own self puts us on the path introspection and going down the memory lane and this can be very liberating and insightful. It’s an exercise everyone must try sometime.

The participants explored 3 forms of letters … Free flowing in response to a visual cue…it was a teapot! The second letter we wrote was a letter of forgiveness and finally a letter to your future self which the participants will receive in future from us. The two hour journey took everybody into the depths of their own heart and soul. By the end of it everybody loved their own selves unconditionally. We ended with a brief meditation sharing pictures.

Letters to Myself Workshop
Letters to Myself Free Flowing Letter to Myself, Object Tea Pot
Letters to Myself Workshop
Writing the forgiveness Letter to Myself
Letters to Myself Workshop
Letter to My future Self
Letters to Myself Workshop
Sharing Emotions and Experiences

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