There is a story which inspires me every time I tell it. It has influenced me so much that I now truly believe nothing is impossible if you trust your own capabilities. This amazing tale is about Sir Roger Bannister , he did something which people even scientists and doctors thought was impossible. It was 6th May 1954 in UK , it was wet and not a great day for an athlete, yes Roger Bannister was one of the greatest athlete a distance runner.

In the 1950’s nobody believed that a human being could run one full mile in less than 4 minutes. In fact researchers said that this was something which was humanly impossible.  And the whole world believed it was impossible, only Roger Bannister believed it was possible.

And this what exactly happened! Roger Bannister did it in less than 4 minutes. Yes , he created history!

But there is more to this story…..soon after Roger Bannister achieved this feat many many athletes did it within a few months! What had changed? Just that lot of people started believing that they could do it after Bannister did it. It became possible in their minds. The current record stands at 3 minutes and 43 seconds, well under 4 minutes.

So If you want to fly you gotta jump and you gotta believe you can fly!

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