Nature is amazing and sometimes what nature displays can be unbelievable. Certain atmospheric phenomenon can be simply mind blowing Here are some of the weirdest atmospheric phenomenon.These pictures will make make you feel Oh My God this can’t be true, but each one of them is real.

This list will reconnect you to nature and wonders of this universe , being with nature is one of the easiest way to feel happy. So cheers to Happiness.

Here goes our list of most breath taking natural phenomenon ever.


atmospheric morning glory
Morning Glory is the name given to a spectacular cloud formation that occurs in North-eastern Australia. It is composed of a low roll cloud or often a succession of roll clouds, often stretching from horizon to horizon.


atmospheric Halo
Halos are made from ice crystals that reflect sunlight – creating an illusion of a ring around the sun – and can be seen anywhere in the world. Actually these are clouds that usually appear before unsettled weather.


atmospheric frost work
Beautiful aren’t they? Found on young sea ice or thin lake ice in cold, calm conditions, these icy flowers or frost work form when the underlying water temperature is warmer than the air. They are most commonly found in Polar Regions.


atmospheric Auroras
This is called Auroras , it happens when a mixture of different gas molecules enter the Earth’s atmosphere, and collides with solar winds, creating tinted lights known as auroras.


atmospheric moon bows
Moon bows is another amazing phenomenon; they are also called lunar rainbows and white rainbows. The phenomenon happens when moonlight refracts through moisture in the air – the same way regular rainbows form, only at night. They usually show up during a full moon, when the moon is at a low point in the sky, and when rain falls directly opposite the Earth’s satellite. It often happens near Victoria Falls.


atmospheric lightening venezuela
Thunder and lightning can create some spectacular scenario and it could be rather spooky too .In Venezuela this atmospheric phenomenon lights up the skies over Lake Maracaibo and the Catatumbo River. It’s said that there are some sort of mineral deposits in the area that make the air super-conductive, which the night skies over the lake into such a dazzling light show.


atmospheric Katabatic winds
Can you believe this is created by wind specifically down slope winds? Katabatic wind originates at mountain tops, plateaus and hills and then flows down their slopes to the valleys due to changing pressure. Katabatic winds usually occur in icy regions like Antarctica, Greenland and Norway.


atmospheric freezing rain
Freezing rain is a strange and potentially disruptive phenomenon for it can seriously affect air crafts. It happens when rain falls down to a surface where temperatures are below freezing , the frozen droplets give the effect of ice sheets. Usually happens in places like Canada in winters.


atmospheric fish rain
Fish Rain? Yes. Although rare, there are numerous instances of fish falling down from the skies. Of course, the fish do not really “rain” in the sense of condensing out of water vapour. The fish that fall from the sky are just fish that used to be in the sea.


atmospheric Fire Whirls
Fire Whirls are towers of flames caused by forest fires and extreme drought. Though they last only for a very short duration it can cause lot of destruction. Happens in California, New Zealand and Australia


atmospheric Brocken Spectre
This is called Brocken spectre, this occurs when sun is positioned behind a person looking downwards into fog mist. It can look very eerie. Known to happen in Germany.


atmospheric snow doughnuts
Snow doughnuts are a crazy phenomenon which occurs very specific weather conditions on mountains. These inedible doughnuts can be found in any snow-covered mountain terrain, from Rocky Mountains to the Giant Mountains in Czech Republic.


atmospheric supercell
Supercell is easily the fiercest storm that can be. These are very dangerous and scary. These massive thunderstorms contain a strong, persistent updraft , and although they can occur anywhere in the world, the Great Plains area in the USA is particularly prone to supercells.

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