Make Happy Foundation has had busy and exciting few weeks. We have opened the 1st Happiness Studio in NCR. It’s a unique concept where we carry out Happiness Coaching and our Happiness Conversationalist sessions.

Happiness Studio Opening
We opened the 1st Happiness Studio of Delhi NCR. A Happy place to create Happier people and world
1st Happiness Studio in Delhi NCR
The Happiness Studio, a unique concept to create and spread Happiness
View from Happiness Studio
The Happiness Studio overlooks the Gurgaon City. Amazing View

1st Happiness Studio In Delhi NCR
Friends and well wishers joined in to open the 1st Happiness Studio.

In the short time the studio has opened it has become a hub of some amazing and quirky workshops.
Here is a glimpse on some of the workshop which we did.
On Monday the 19th of March 2018 we did a workshop on Happiness and Anti-Ageing. We discussed the powerful effects of Happiness on the process of ageing. The discussion was based on scientific studies and research findings. Happy attitudes and living joyfully can add up to 10 to 15 healthy years to your life. Happiness reduces and contains Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Thyroid and gut ailments. In fact being happy is the easiest path to good health. In the workshop we indulged in mental and emotional exercises to start flowing our happy hormones. And as soon as we are happier we start getting health benefits.As part of the workshop we also shared ancient secrets on how to keep our skin. We learnt how to make the most powerful Anti-Ageing face pack and how to use it to reduce wrinkles and other signs of ageing in as little as 5 days. All participants loved it!! We discussed some interesting research too like reversal of Grey Hair

On the World Happiness Day, the 20th Make Happy Foundation  hosted a Happiness through Art Workshop. This was focused on how to be mindful and be in the ‘flow ‘ through Art. This generated a lot of interested amongst Adults and Kids. Here is a glimpse.

Happiness Studio Workshops
The Happiness Workshops are getting increasingly popular , its great fun to see happy people around

And Kids really felt so good that they got extra creative:

Make Happy Foundation Workshops
Children at the Art Workshop got so creative that some created glasses from twigs.

On March 20th, the International Day of Happiness we launched our Internet Radio Channel ‘Bebaak Parindey’. A channel devoted to creating happiness by combining fun, music and social impact. It’s a participative radio model wherein we invite listeners to express their on various topics. Ours is a no hold barred concept where participants can say whatever they wish. On the social side of our radio channel we create radio episodes which focus on socially relevant issues like ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’, Sexual education, domestic violence, cleanliness, water conservation etc.

radio bebaak parindey
An internet Radio which combines fun with social issues…Yes its called Bebaak Parindey

The workshops also threw up some great reviews for MakeHappyFoundation.

Happiness Studio great Reviews
As people came in for workshops they left some wonderful words behind.


Our Next Workshop is on “Letters to Myself” a hugely positive concept for self-development and happiness.

letters to myself
An interesting and highly effective workshop coming up called Letters to Myself. Register on our Facebook page Make Happy Foundation.

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