The Laws of Attraction rules to make the universe conspire! Count your eggs right now!
All your life you have been told, DON’T count your eggs before they are hatched! What if they don’t hatch after all? Shun this proverb I say. This is one attitude that keeps you from getting what you want from the Universe.
Every time you begin to feel hopeful and optimistic someone comes up to tell that stop counting the eggs, and you stop counting out of fear and insecurity. Suddenly the joyful thought of expecting something great to happen converts into fear, the fear of losing something that has not even happened. Isn’t that funny? As if fear of losing what we already have was not enough!
We start sending signals of fear to the universe and sure enough universe responds by making true our fears. And then we say look that is why everybody was saying don’t count your eggs!
Nothing can be farther from truth, had you continued to count the eggs the hatching would have happened for sure, that is how the universe conspires. By tuning into AM band you won’t get FM songs! So Count your eggs before they are hatched, see them, feel them, enjoy them, love them, celebrate them and they will happen.

Happiness Coach & LOA Expert

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