Here is the Manifestation block Quiz .Ever felt why the Laws of Attraction (LOA) are not working for you? Know what is blocking your manifestation.

This is a powerful evaluation quiz to know what your major manifestation block is.

LOA quiz menifestation blocks
LOA quiz to tell you what blocks your manifestation

Choose one option for every question.

1.Slow people annoy me.

a) Yes              b) No

2.   I like to have perfection in everything

a)Yes               b) No

3. If I am walking and see a cute animal I stop to admire it.

a)Yes                  b) No

4. I worry when my loved ones are travelling.

a)Yes                  b) No

5. I find myself out of work often

a)Yes                b) No

6. I lose track of time when I am with friends

a) Yes        b) No I steal a glance at my watch.

7.If I get angry it stays with me for long

a)Yes           b) No

8. I double check my doors at night

a)Yes          b) No

9.Tomorrow will come for sur

a)Yes             b) No

Once you are done calculate your scores here Score calculator,

post it in comments or email to me at

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