Make Happy Foundation had a great workshop on Attitude Disease Connect.  The participants learnt what attitudes can do to your health.  I would share the key takeaways below. They assessed their own risks, and learnt how to move to positive attitudes.

Here are some pictures.

Disease attitude connect
Disease Attitude Connection, which attitude creates which disease


I am sharing the major take away from the workshop ie the list of attitude disease connect and positive attitude health benefits list.

The Negative attitude and related diseases.

S. No Attitudes Disease
1. Obsessive thinking, thought focus on the what if, don’t Cancer/Anaemia
2. Anger/ not smiling Heart problems/Allergies
3. Holding on to grudges/ in ability to forgive Arthritis/accidents
4. Guilt Liver issues/tiredness
5. Fear / Insecurity Stomach problems/anxiety
6. Hatred/ Judgemental Neuro Problems/depression/Ageing
7. Jealously/Envy/feeling others have more Diabetes/UTI/ boils etc.

The positive attitudes and their benefits.

S. No Positive Attitudes Benefits
 1. Love  Stronger Heart/ circulation/spine
 2. Forgiveness  stronger knees, protection from arthritis
 3. gratefulness  safety from neuro problems, memory alertness
 4. Compassion  Anti-Cancer/Diabetes
 5. Magnanimity  Greater energy, immunity, abundance of health
 6. Non-judgemental  gut health/ lung health
 7. Trust.  skin and sensory health


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