Happy Brains Daily riddles Day 15 has an interesting Lateral thinking puzzle. You need to think creatively!

An absentminded philosopher forgot to wind up the only clock in his house. He had no radio, television, telephone, internet, or any other means of ascertaining the time. He therefore decided to travel by foot to his friend’s house, a few miles down a straight desert road. He stayed there for the night and when he came back home the following morning, he was able to set his clock to the correct time. Assuming the philosopher always walks at the same speed, how did he know the exact time upon his return? Note: this is not a trick question. The Philosopher did not bring anything to his friend’s house, nor did he bring anything back with him on his trip home.

Here is a Hint

Here is the solution.

Some interesting stuff!

What is convenience epidemic?

Are you killing you kid’s joy?

Personality quiz!

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