I know you have been impatiently waiting for the sequel to Maya and the unconditional love story and 11 side effects of Love. As you would have guessed by now I have kept in touch with Maya. I used to call her often and every time I talked to her I felt so happy. We used to exchange notes on using Elfies and laugh so much. By now sending Elfies in all directions was my favourite sport.

But this had not deterred me in my resolve to research about unconditional love and understand why Maya was like a 40-year-old at 97. I just had to know. I delved deep into various researches, visited many libraries and talked to many experts. After about 4 months of obsessive research I was astounded at what I had found. How could I miss it all these years? Love was so much more powerful than everything else put together! I am sharing here the 11 things which make Love so special, the 11 side effects of Love!

1.We all know love makes us feel great. And when we feel good it affects everything we do. It affects the choices we make; the decisions we make; the action we take (or don’t take), the opportunities we see and miss; the way we communicate; the way we relate to others; the way in which we handle stress; how productive we are; our problem-solving ability; our physical energy; the way we eat; and so much more!

2. Studies show that expressions of love lower your heart rate into half. This is even more effective in stressful situations and reduces the risk of heart conditions in the long run. This implies that your heart health is going to be much better and whatever be your biological age your heart age is going to be much younger.

3.Simply feeling love releases oxytocin — known as the love hormone and believed to be one of the most amazing molecules in the world — it diminishes stress, reduces regular and social anxiety, boosts self-esteem, and helps avoid and fight depression.

4.Love helps your body fight illness, due to release of endorphins which in turn, enhance our immune system. Similarly, people with physical conditions who feel love and create love have a much better response to treatment and a stronger motivation to fight illnesses

5.Unconditional love and kindness makes the brain produces a mix of “feel good” chemicals, like endorphins. Apart from making us feel good, these chemicals have a powerful beneficiary effect on our entire body.

6.These chemicals affect the functions of our DNA (epigenetics), and improve the functions of our cells. Thereby giving us many neurological benefits like better memory, motor control and slows down the ageing of cells. You remain healthier, younger for long.

7.In addition to this, as oxytocin and other chemicals travel through the blood stream, they are absorbed within the blood vessels, creating a chemical that dilates the blood vessels – lowering blood pressure and helping to reduce hardening of the arteries and heart disease. ( David Hamilton PHD watch his video: The Science of Kindness.)

8.You can see how all of this leads to the results we experience in all areas of our lives – from health and relationships to career and finances. You are more likely to eat healthily and avoid junk food when you are feeling good, than when you are feeling bad. You are more likely to have the energy to exercise when you are feeling good, than when you are feeling bad. You are more likely to take advantage of opportunities, notice solutions, get on with others…. and the list goes on… when you are feeling good than when you are feeling bad.

9.Being able to put your body into a physiological state of unconditional love on demand, regardless of how you are currently feeling, means you can change the way you feel without needing to try to reason and use positive thinking – which in turn affects the results you will experience in all areas of your life.

10.When you provide unconditional love to others, you are not dependant on others for happiness, but rather you derive your happiness from within. Your energy radiates to those around you and the world gives back to you in abundance.

11.In a more spiritual sense, sharing your love unconditionally with the world sends out positive energy which will be returned to you in one form or another to create great abundance, wealth, and goodness that you deserve in your own life.

All the above observations are proven by science and I myself saw all these side effects of Love in Maya.

Now Maya is 99 going to be hundred and we talk often. And by some strange co incidence we share our birth date. This really makes me feel so good. Meeting Maya has been single most powerful meeting of my life I am sure you can feel it too.

Before I finish I am sharing a video of another lady who is 90, lives her passion of singing and in an interview, she said I love myself unconditionally, it shows. I think this unconditional love and passion for life is miraculous. Sharing Farida Khanum singing Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo at 90!!! Enjoy

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