It is an area of huge concern for parents and teachers that children are increasingly developing aggressive and socially aloof attitudes. It affects not only their personalities but also the chances of having a happy and successful life later. The role of parents and teachers is extremely important and by introducing 3 simple practices you can make a huge difference:

  1. Set an example of social behaviour. Integrate with your family, relatives and friends. One of the biggest reasons why kids are not developing interest in social life is that the parents also have very limited social life especially of the kind which includes kids. So go for those old fashioned outings with friends and relatives, be an active part of social environment. Show the kids it’s fun to be social. Otherwise get up , go to office, get back and sleep will not encourage kids to be social. Moreover thrown in all this the screen time we have daily esp. the phone. So keep at least half an hour phone free family time in your house. It will bring about huge positive changes in kids.
  2. Expect the children to behave well and in a social way. It’s called the Pygmalion effect and means that keeping positive expectations gives positive results. This does not imply that you put pressure on kids through words or gestures it simply means you are convinced that they will behave and trust me they will. Believe in them body ,mind and soul. Period.
  3. Use positive words around them. Let your sentences be focussed on positive sentiment. Put positive posters around, create a positive word environment. When talking to others also about your kids refrain from using words like ‘My child is not social or my child does not listen’ instead you could say that I am trying to get my child to have more friends, include more positive words. It is scientifically proven to cause lasting positive effects in kids.

Include these practices in you daily life and see your child blossom into a blooming happy flower.

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