Have you ever wondered why we get happier rather ecstatic after losing weight. It is true weight loss does give a boost to happiness. There are several scientific reasons for this rush of joy on losing weight.

The first is due to self-image, we all live in a world which is driven by how you look and being slim is at a premium so the minute we realise that we have lost weight we feel happier because it translates into appreciation and approval from others.

weight loss approval
we crave for approval and appreciation makes us happier, when somebody says you have lost weight you feel good

Secondly, weight loss for most people is a goal and when the weight loss happens you get a sense of achievement which immediately gives you an Adrenalin rush releasing all the happy hormones, so you get a high.

Thirdly the awareness about the benefits of keeping a healthy weigh can make you feel a sense of well being which can generate a pleasant feel good factor.

The fact is that all of us have at some point or the other tried to lose weight due to our own reasons through diet and exercise. But lot of times we realise we are still unable to lose weight. What is it that we don’t know about weight loss? Here are some surprising, startling facts which will help you lose weight faster and feel happier.

1. Every time you eat out do you pull out your credit card? This may be really bad for weight loss. As per the journal Obesity, if you pay for food by cash you are more likely to buy healthier food.

2. Science and research says consuming artificial sweeteners like sugar free actually results in weight gain. This happens due to glucose intolerance and a change in gut bacteria. And this change can happen in as little as one week of having artificial sweeteners.

3. What do feel when you eat that sinful piece of cake? Yes that is important too. If you feel guilty when you have the cake you are less likely to lose weight but if you feel enjoyable about eating the cake you will be more successful in weight loss. So eat that cake with happiness to lose weight.

cake weight loss
What you feel when you eat that piece of cake is most important. Happy eaters lose weight easily.

4. If you sit for long hours you are in for bad news. Body starts to shut down after sitting for long periods of time. Also, key fat-burning enzymes simply start switching off. This means even if you spend just one day sitting fat-burning enzymes plummet by 50%. Even 30 minutes at the gym is not enough to offset the detrimental effects of 7 and above hours of sitting.

5. Now what happens on the treadmill or while running etc. We have all read that the effect comes only after 20 minutes of cardio. It’s true but the body starts to burn muscle instead of fat. For serious weight loss and burning fat trainers suggest alternating one minute of working out at a high intensity followed by a minute at a slower rate. This way you burn more fat than staying at the same level throughout.

6. We come across so many advertisements that certain products and methods can make the fat cells go away. This is not a fact. Eating right and exercise does not make the fat cells disappear it just deflates them, which means the cells keep lying there like deflated balloons waiting to blow up again.

7. Some of the weirdest diets include the “Tapeworm Diet. In this people swallow tapeworms to help them lose weight. This can be very unhealthy as it can lead to nausea, diarrhoea and serious infections by the tape worm laying eggs in places like brain.

8. Another diet which has been favoured by many is the “Sleeping Beauty Diet”. In fact Elvis Presley was a huge follower of the “Sleeping Beauty Diet,”. In this method a person is sedated for days at time. And you guessed the logic! You can’t eat when you are asleep!!

9. When obesity becomes a real problem lot of us start thinking about liposuction, but that doesn’t work. A fat cell has a life of roughly 7 years and when it dies, a new one grows to replace it. And guess what? Our body keeps track of how many fat cells it has as well as the amount of fat in each cell. If fat cells are removed by liposuction, the body compensates by growing new fat cells in other areas of the body. So liposuction is simply a waste of money.

10. In a study at University of Minnesota study, it has been found that people in disorganised work spaces are more prone to putting on unwanted weight by choosing unhealthy snacks.

11. Yet another strange diet is called the “Byron Diet”. It is named after the poet Lord Byron who would eat bizarre foods such as potatoes drenched in vinegar in an effort to look fashionably thin.

So if you are waiting for Weight Loss results to feel happy be smart about it. Indulge in mind as well as body effort.

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