It is always very interesting to know the signs of Vibrational levels .Here is a guide on what signs and emotions you experience at each vibrational level. The exposure to vibration sets your life experience, the amplitude of vibration is a guide to life. you can know your whole body vibration and set the magnitude of acceleration to reach your best life and highest state of being.

Signs of Each Level of Vibrational Energy:

Level 1-3 :  Signs include too much thought about survival needs like food, shelter and making ends meet. You will experience emotions like envy, insecurity and dejection. When you step out you are more likely to come across poverty, not so clean spaces, and you will notice the negatives more than positives. Feel tired everyday

tired and dejected
Level 1 of vibrational energy!

Level 3-5 : You think moving out of your oppressive and frustrating situation. It bothers you to be in status quo. When you go outside you are likely to encounter unhappy people, injured animals or dry trees. You experience emotions like anger, irritation along with strong longing for peace. You react easily and care for approval. Tiredness still happens.

Levels 5-7 : Energies really begin to change magically at this level. You are now thinking of growing as a person. You begin to feel happy and positive although at times feeling bit low can happen. You feel emotions like compassion and need to forgive. You are not so angry or irritated all the time anymore and feel energetic. When you go out you are likely to see pretty sights, blossoming flowers, happy people. Colourful butterflies and birds are also expected. You begin to experience co incidences like you think of a friend and she calls, or you spot the exact same thing you were looking for, find lost items.

blossoming tree
Level 3 to 5 of vibrational level

Levels 7-9: This is where the fun begins. You feel glorious and blissful , all enthused with energy and passion. You actively think about identifying your calling and are no longer satisfied with just earning. You become highly giving and loving. People love to be around you. You feel great love towards humanity and you want to leave world a better place. You no longer feel insecure and are not worried about death. You are very intuitive and can read people very well. Your ability to focus is very high and you feel kind of detached. Things happen on their own in your favour. You run into black butterflies!

black butterfly
Vibrational level 7 to 9

Levels 9-11:   First level of high evolution. You are selfless and blissful. Though still attached to some people your faith in universe is total. What you want happens with very little effort and you are healthier than ever. Looks stop mattering and you may find that white owls are visiting you and you are finding pennies on the road etc.

Vibrational level 9 to 11

Levels 11-14: Complete evolution , you move away from world and are entirely blissful. You can manifest anything and can see future. Astral travel happens.Very rare to be on this level.

Levels 14-17  Nirvana! You are a Buddha ! Closest to having A Gad like experience. Can do anything and are ageless.

Vibrational level 11 and above, Nirvana

Check your signs and ask more about it!

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