I say it all the time, give me faith and I will guarantee your dream will come true!

How to intentionally create desire manifesting vibrations.? that is the most asked question , here is my philosophy.

It is now a known fact that it is possible to get your desires manifested through matching your vibrations with the vibrations of your desired reality. But the immediate question which comes to mind is how to create the vibrations which match your desires. In this edition I am going to talk about the process of creating these vibrations.

Vibration is rhythmic energy movement in fact vibration is determined by the frequency of an energy system. That’s is why we say higher or lower vibrations, or matching vibrations, essentially meaning the frequency of energy vibrations.

What mechanism has been accorded to us to create energy which is the first step towards voluntary creation of particular vibrations? The answer is rather simple…it starts with creation of thoughts. Yes thought is the first step towards creating energy and vibrations.

Now all human being constantly keep creating thoughts but not all thoughts manifest into reality. Only some thoughts get converted to reality! I am going to explain why that happens.

A thought is essentially a brain function, but if we keep dwelling over a thought again and again it gives rise to emotion. For example if we start thinking of a sad experience and keep pondering over it we start feeling very very sad. This means that we have converted the thought into emotion. Same happens with happy thoughts or thoughts of fear and insecurities.

This brings us to an important principle of Laws of Attraction, Universe responds to how we feel and not to how we simply think. If we feel very happy then universe will send happiness to us. Lot of times people ask me why only their fears and insecurities like fearing an accident come true while their positive desires like those for love and success don’t come true? It happens because when we fear something we live it not just in our minds but in our hearts and emotions. For example we often fear an accident of a loved one and when that fear begins to play in our minds we reach the state of panic even though the untoward event has not yet happened, we get so emotional, we cry! And sure enough one day it happens.

fear becomes real
In Laws of Attraction fear is one of biggest blocks in manifestation

On the other hand with positive desires like getting a great job when we visualise we do not allow ourselves to experience the same ecstasy which we would feel on getting that job. Part of this restraint again comes from fear, suppose it doesn’t happen? And part comes from socialisation which says don’t count your eggs before they are hatched. The focus becomes what if and not the happy desire.

count you chicks
Count your chickens well before they are hatched

I say count your eggs before they are hatched, not only count them, feel them, see them and feel the ecstasy! That is the only way to set the Universe conspiring!!

believe that is the key
complete belief is must for LoA success

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