Like all things in the Universe Vibrations are also governed by Laws , these are the 3 laws of vibrations.

In an earlier post we had discussed the 17 levels of vibrations.

Know your Level of Positive Vibrations Answer these questions and follow Instructions: 1. When I say Awesome what is the first thing that comes to your mind? a) Kids b) Colour c) Nature d) Love 2. What attracts you most? a) Ease & Comfort b) Peace c) Jogging d) Reading 3. If you were not a human what would you be? a) Animal b) Flower c) Bird d) River 4. Which of the following words you use most often. a) Great b) No c) Wow d) Oh 5. What amuses you? a) Jokes b) people c) situations d) yourself Jot down your answers and get to know your score here.
17 level of vibrational energies, Laws of Attraction

If we effectively want to utilize this knowledge we must also know the Laws of Vibrations.  Here is what the basic laws of vibrations say:

  1. Your Vibrations affect everything and everyone around you: The Universe does not exist in isolation and has an interdependent system, we get affected by the vibrations of the people around us as well as the trees, the flowers, the animals, the butterflies even inanimate objects. What this implies is that good or higher vibrations help everybody and everything. Every time you indulge in negative thought or emotions you are affecting the whole universe. The minimum diameter of vibrations interaction is 6 to 9 feet and in case of intense positive thoughts and emotions it can extend up to 30 kms! The distance up to which you vibrations extend also depends on which level you are, the higher the level the bigger the diameter.
  2. It is possible to move from one vibrational level to another: You can move from the lower level of vibrations to a higher level and vice versa. The movement between vibration levels depends on your thoughts, emotions and actions. Every moment of the day what you choose determines how you will move on the vibrational pyramid. It is important to know that once you have reached a high level of vibrations you still need to work on it. Your position in the pyramid is dynamic and it keeps changing up or down. You need to work on maintaining that level and then moving up. Its not automatic and permanent.
  3. A person on higher level can experience all thoughts and emotions of the lower level but a person at the  lower level cannot experience all the thoughts and emotions of the higher levels. This is a very interesting law. I will give an example. Suppose you are having a discussion with a person who is on a lower level of vibrations than you and things get heated up, the person on the lower level starts abusing you( It is a sign of low level vibrations) , you have two choices either you remain on your level and ignore or climb down to the level of the other person and abuse back. You must remember that once you step down from your level you need to work again to go back to the higher level.  It is a fact that the lower vibration person cannot interact with you at your level so you should not expect him or her to be able to climb up to your level and interact. It is not possible. So the choice is yours!

Understand and apply the laws and make Laws of Attraction work for you!

Take the quiz to know your vibrational level

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