I have got an overwhelming response to can you spot puzzle. Here are 9 such puzzles which are so difficult to crack that you will sweat enough to lose weight. Actually its true that mental aerobics also causes easy weight loss. 7 to 15 minutes of mental aerobics daily can make you lose weight in 30 days.It would take a genius to crack all in under 15 minutes. If you do it in 7 to 10 minutes your are highly intelligent. See where you stand.

1)Spot the snake!

spot the snake
Can you spot the snake among giraffes ?

2) Spot the Dog

spot the dog
Can you spot the dog amongst pandas?
3) Spot the Pig
spot the pig
Can you spot the pig amongst birds?
4)Spot the Giraffe
spot the girrafe
Can you spot the giraffe amongst animals?
5) Spot the doll
spot the doll
Can you spot the doll amongst toys?
6) Spot the b (s)
spot the b
Can you spots the b (s)?
7) Can you spot the Bucket and the spade.
spot the bucket and spade
Can you spot the bucket and spade?
8) Can you spot the elf?
spot the elf
Can you spot the elf in the Christmas scene?
9) Spot the Mushroom
spot the mushroom
Can you spot the mushroom amongst jelly fish?

You may like try this game for more mental aerobics  Game-of-boxes


Relative optical illusion:What do you see?

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