Music and happiness go hand in hand.Music inspires and lifts mood: All of us have experienced that music generally lifts our mood and makes us feel better it impacts us physically, mentally ,emotionally and at the soul level. Like this piece below which instantly inspires you and you start your day in a joyful state.

Music helps total health:But music goes beyond this and affects our brains in more ways than we think. Music plays a significant role in brain development, learning, mood, and even your health. 

Music improves your memory: and retention and most of us have experienced the phenomena where we associate certain memories with particular music and when the music plays we are instantly transported to that time. The same is true when we study something and its associated with some music playing the background. Out recall rate for such learning is much higher. Two songs which I absolutely love from yesteryear and posting both as I can’t choose between the two:Both are original versions:

Don’t forget to tell me if made you a teenager again

Music evokes emotion and a lot of times we are able to say and feel with a song something we can’t otherwise at least not as poignantly. Makes me emotional every time I hear these numbers.

Music releases Dopamine the anti depression chemical According to research in area of cognitive development one of the first things that happen when music enters our brains is the triggering of pleasure centres that release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy and alert. This response is so fast that brain can anticipate or indulge in predictive perception as we listen to familiar music and prime itself with an early dopamine rush. A reason why lot of neurosurgeons and cardiac surgeons play classical music in the background while doing surgery.

Beyond simply making you feel good, however, there’s increasing evidence that music is great for your health. 

Music up your immunity Research says listening to music is associated with upticks in immunity-boosting antibodies and cells that protect against bacteria and other invaders. Music has also proven to be effective across a variety of treatment scenarios for conditions ranging from premature birth to depression to Parkinson’s disease. In studies it has been found that music acts as a pain killer and heals you faster. I bet you can forget any pain when you hear something like this:

Playing an instrument makes your brainier literally    Even in terms of brain development, music can play a key role.Training to play an instrument, for instance, is believed to increase grey matter volume in certain areas of the brain, not unlike how physical exercise can tone and enlarge muscles. It can also have immense physical benefits as it helps you exercise fine muscles and nerves. In fact I have had a personal experience with instrument playing. I had developed a huge ganglion on my right hand between my thumb and forefinger after an injury. It was very uncomfortable and the bulge just wouldn’t go. Then somebody suggested playing a keyboard like instrument, I started learning to play the keyboard and it was gone in 15 days. I was amazed as I had been living with it for 2 years.And instrumental music can really alter your entire environment in no time.

So its time to kick up the music quotient in your life, get out those favourite records, playlists and pick up your hidden keyboard, guitar, violin whatever and give it a go.


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