Here is a treat for eyes- 10 Mind Blowing non photo shopped pictures.They will definitely bring Happiness and wonder for you.

amazing happy photo

Amazing vortex or is it ?

This looks so scary and unreal. But this is very much real. It is a man-made funnel that drains excess water during floods.

Magic Tap

Crazy isn’t it? Called Magic Tap, it is in Aqualand Spain. The explanation is explained by the transparent tube that is hidden by the flowing water itself.

Ghost Electricity Pole

The base of this pole was destroyed completely, but it’s still up thanks to support from the wires.

Walk on water ?

Walk on water ? Not Really.An extremely well timed photo of a boy jumping into a pool.

Yogi Bear ?

How weird!! but this bear is part of this family. Brutus was adopted by the naturalist Casey Anderson as a newborn cub.

amazing happy photo 3

Animation effect gone wrong!!

Amazing snapshot of hundreds of soldiers marching together in perfect unison. What Training!!

Honey, I painted the white pony

Its a Real animal called Zony, a hybrid of zebra and pony .

There is smoke but where is the train ?

Can a sky look like that? No its not a horizontal tornado in the sky it’s just an intimidating cloud.

Space station of Star Trek

This is actually the city of Dubai. The Arab city gets this look twice a year when a heavy fog descends.

amazing happy photo 9

How will the train turn on these /.

This is what earthquake did to rail tracks in New Zealand.

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