Often when we talk about the future we conjure a rather gloomy picture full of strife, violence, poverty, unemployment and so on. But if we look deeply we are actually moving towards a happier future world.

future world happy thought
The future world is amazing with so many opportunities for happiness.

And this can be best understood by the kind of changes which are happening and which will accelerate in future. In fact what I foresee is abundance of resources, with robots taking care of lot of tedious stuff while human beings attain a better quality of life. Areas in which I see mammoth change happening are:

1. Transportation: The way we use vehicles will change drastically, there will be new ways to transport you, shared rides, driver less cars, and much evolved transport system which will the cut the commute time drastically. In fact in not very far future the common transportation system will become so convenient and pocket friendly that people will stop keeping cars. Yes cars will be history only of vintage value and our kids will never need to learn driving and be worrying about meeting an accident because we are sleepy or tipsy.

future transport happy
Wow the future of transport. Sky Taxis!!

2. Owning assets will be passe. People will not buy houses because they will never be sure where they would be living few years hence. Why would this happen? Due to ease of finding new opportunities which may be totally different than what you may have been doing for many years, the ease of moving and generally having an attitude of doing what makes you happy as opposed to simply earning your bread. Moreover the way technology is moving your geographical location itself may become entirely irrelevant. With networking technologies like video conference, cloud, high speed networks physical presence at a location may not be important. So you could live in that hill station still working for many people and making good money while enjoying your dream life. Amazing future world.

future location happy
Your dream living place will be increasingly possible

3. A full time tied to the desk and access card tracked number of hours put in, kind of employment will simply fly out of the window. More and more organisations will cut down on office costs and allow their people to work from their preferred location. And Technology will make it possible. Since the pressures of the job will reduce significantly lot more people would like to retire young or never take up a job with just one employer. Freelancing will be the way to go. And moreover you may not freelance in just one area. So you could be an IT wizard who also teaches music and trains people life skills! A win win situation for all.

no employment happy
A full time 9 to whatever job will be a thing of past.

4. Technology will make you live longer, healthier: Medical advances are happening so fast what with stem cell research, genome mapping, personalised treatments based on your individual physical chemistry and breakthrough research in most areas of health and serious diseases you are going to get treatments which are cheaper , faster and more effective. This added with lesser stress will add years to your life.

5. It will increasingly be a DIY ( Do it Yourself) world: The phenomenal growth of technology has already made it possible to lot of jobs which were not possible till only 5 to 7 years back. You can create a full movie, record and share you music album, create your own apps you name it and you can do it by yourself. With the advent of 3 D printing the scenario is only going to get better. So you will actually end up spending much much less then you spend now with little effort and much better results in the future world.

6. The future world will be a cleaner place as solar energy and other renewable forms of energy will become the norm. This will reduce the pollution levels dramatically and also the cost of energy allowing us to live in cleaner world with increased awareness about nature. You can look forward to more green in the world.

greener world happy
Less pollution more green that’s the future world

7. The collapse of traditional fuel and energy economies will also imply that world be perhaps be a more peaceful place as funding of certain kind activities cannot be done so easily. Also in the emerging world order concept of powerful people will change. The sources with which you derive power like position, status, politics, and control on information, wealth and authority will get diffused. Individuals will have more say in their own lives and choices. Eventually this will lead to a focus on more fulfilling activities than exercising power and control. A very joyous scenario.

8. As certain sectors of the world economy go down under like automobiles, steel, alloy, oil, coal etc focus will get back necessities like food , healthcare and education. Huge amount of resources will go into these and economies of scales will happen leading to abundance and lower costs. A kind of deflation scenario due to greater money and resources and lesser spending. You will pay less and more people will get access to these necessities seriously reducing poverty. A certainly better place to live.

9. And lastly artificial intelligence and robots! Whole lot of us are worried about their jobs being taken over by robots, true but what is also true is that new avenues of jobs will open up. Jobs which are concerned with human development, the softer skills, the art, life itself. So instead of doing a tedious mind numbing killing kind of job you will be forced to find yourself in a more human pursuit. Not Bad.

robot boyfriend happy
Wow a perfectly compatible partner finally !!

Another concern people are having is to do with robots replacing humans in social interactions, which can mean that you have a friend or a boyfriend who is a robots but responds to your moods and conversation intelligently and to an extent emotionally. Fear is that you may find a perfectly compatible robot. Now does that sound bad? Nah!!!

This is not fiction this is entirely based on facts. So it’s time to take stock of your life, discover yourself and follow your passion. You don’t need to accumulate wealth or assets as you won’t need so much. And if you are thinking of creating wealth and resources for your kids, don’t waste your time on it as the world they are going to live in will not require so much moreover they may not have desire for too much wealth as it will have limited relevance as a factor in life.

They will be too busy actually living a life with zest and passion. So reclaim yourself, do what you please future world will take care of itself and tomorrow will be a very happy place.
Instead pay attention to yourself discover your purpose and prepare to live a really long and healthy life!!! Thinking about early retirement already read this. 

Here is something about me Who am I?

Please comment and share if this made you happier!!


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