Here are some shocking,amazing,terrific,unbelievable, kick ass, best, real photos. A visual treat.

What A photo 1

A real photo of an actual 60 feet wide and 200 feet deep sinkhole in Guatemala City in 2010.

What a photo 2

This is a lenticular cloud that looks shockingly like a UFO.


what a photo 6

Optical illusion created on display outside Paris City Hall. Looks like a giant grass sphere, but it’s actually flat.
what a photo 4
An optical illusion created by extremely clear water.
what a photo 5

An Australian dust storm that looks like a giant mug of beer
what a photo 3
The Eureka Tower Car Park in Melbourne, Australia. It’s has optical illusion lettering.

what a photo 7A cloud that formed indoors. 

what a photo 8It’s really a Barbie look alike. Valeria Lukyanova had plastic surgery to transform herself into a human BarbieI am sure you have enjoyed this. Photos really can make you so happy.  

Creativity has no bounds 


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