Here are 50 reasons why Happiness is worth it, think about it.

  1. You feel better
  2. You are better motivated
  3. You are energetic
  4. You can take better decisions
  5. You are more positive 
  6. It makes you generous
  7. You are more sensitive to others needs
  8. You can express yourself better
  9. You are enthusiastic about life
  10. You are able to enjoy yourself fully
  11. You can enjoy your own company
  12. You are more generous
  13. You become more creative
  14. You become more open minded
  15. It makes you liberal in your thought.
  16. You become broadminded in your thinking
  17. You can motivate others
  18. You make others smile too
  19. You win more friends
  20. You become popular in your social circles
  21. You look more attractive to others
  22. You are able to use your time more gainfully
  23. You become involved with larger causes
  24. Your focus away shifts from selfish to selfless.
  25. You begin to appreciate the small things
  26. You start looking for experiences rather than things
  27. You are able to forgive easily
  28. You do not lose temper often
  29. Your screen time goes down.
  30. You indulge in hobbies and passions.
  31. You are willing to learn new things
  32. You become a leader and encourage people to grow.
  33. You give out a peaceful aura
  34. Your health improves.
  35. You start lose excess weight, its best for quick weight loss
  36. Your immunity goes up
  37. Your heart functions better
  38. Your BP remains under control
  39. You stop getting skin allergies
  40. Your hair and skin shines
  41. You say goodbye to dark circles
  42. You sleep better and restfully
  43. Your dreams turn pleasant
  44. You don’t ever get depression
  45. Your nails grow faster and stronger
  46. You start looking younger than your age, yes happiness is better than any anti ageing cream
  47. You start getting luckier
  48. Lot of good things like wealth, fame, love starts happening to you.
  49. You start meeting people who make you still happier
  50. And finally you live longer, a 100 at least.

The best news is that happiness can be learnt and depends very little on external circumstances. Go for it now and see the benefits flowing

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