Law of Attraction Quiz :Find out how much time you are likely to take to manifest your desires.

Answer these simple questions and get to know your manifestation period.


  1. How much of your day is spent in Happy Thoughts?
  2. Less than 3 hours  B) 3 to 6 hours.    C) 6 to 12 Hours      D) 12 hours or more.


  1. How often you think about the what if questions? Like What if it doesn’t happen?
  2. Many times a day. B) Once or Twice a Day.    C) Once in 2 -3 days    D) Once a week or less


  1. Once you have sowed your desire in the Universe how sure are you that it will manifest?
  2. 100% sure B) 80% sure          C) 60% sure        D) 40% or Less sure


  1. How often do you feel self-pity? As if you are the victim.
  2. Very Often B) Often            C) Sometimes         D) Never


  1. How often do you feel Love?
  2. Many times Every day B) Sometimes every day           C) Few times a week      D) Rarely

Check your scores here.

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