Here is a vibrational energy quiz.

There are 17 levels of vibrations and each level defines how you feel, what you choose and how blissful you are. Know your Level of Positive Vibrations right here! This is a simple vibration scale quiz which tells your true energy vibration.

Law Of Attraction (LOA) Quiz  - Vibrational Level simple Quiz
LOA quiz to know your vibrational level
  1. When I say Awesome what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

a) Kids

b) Colour

c) Nature

d) Love

2.What attracts you most?

a) Ease & Comfort

b) Peace

c) Jogging

d) Reading

3. If you were not a human what would you be?

a) Animal

b) Flower

c) Bird

d) River

4. Which of the following words you use most often.

a) Great

b) No 

c) Wow

d) Oh

5. What amuses you?

a) Jokes

b) People

c) Situations

d) Yourself

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Jot down your answers and get to know your score here.


Who is your Vibrational Guide?

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