Simple choose a colour which comes to your mind first and I will tell you the dominant Vibrational Frequency you are experiencing at the moment. It is based on science of vibration. Your dominant frequency determines what you will attract from the universe. It can also be called your Attracting Frequency. Once you know this you can raise your vibrations and feel good. Do you have strong vibes, good vibrations, high or low energies do you create a feel good effect? The Secret is what you give out you get!!! So go for it! 

Colour Dominant Vibrational Frequency
Yellow Relationships
Orange Personality and charisma
Red Health
Green Love
Blue Communication/Interaction
Indigo Wealth
Violet Prosperity & abundance
White Quest for your higher Self

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To effectively make this thought transformation possible I have been using a technique developed by me on my clients and training groups. I call this technique P3T (Pause, Process, Postpone and Transform) which can be executed in about 10 to 15 seconds. It is easy to learn and it was found to be very effective tool of thought transformation. In my training sessions I also used this technique in conjunction with another supplementary technique called M2 or Magic Minute and noticed a significant jump in the effectiveness of P3T when used along with M2 (Magic Minute).