Yes we were part of the Start up Expo 3 and sharing the passion and the  experience with pictures.

It has been a totally amazing week for Make Happy Foundation. We were invited to attend the Start Up Expo 3 at Pragati Maidan in Delhi on 6th October 2018. I was in two minds to attend it as I felt participants there would be the total business geek kinds who have a perfect business plan , a flawless timeline of goals, a return on investment schedule and so on! I just did not feel that I fit in.

All I had was my passion and an idea I was totally convinced about. I just wanted to reach out to people and make them happier. The only thing I cared about was that I wanted to make people believe that they can be happy no matter what their circumstances. I truly believe happiness can be learnt and above all I like to see people smile.

After much yes and no yoyoing ,  finally, I did go and what happened there is truly worth sharing. I reached armed only with my Happiness Box, Business Cards and Brochures.

I saw others had got lot of fancy display devices, screens to run videos, promotion teams to mingle with crowd. Initially I felt odd but nonetheless set up my stall. Thankfully the organisers had announced my stall with a nice board.

Start up Expo 3 Make Happy Foundation Pragatimaidan 6th October 2018
Start up Expo 3 Make Happy Foundation Pragati Maidan 6th October 2018

As soon I had put my handful of stuff there I saw people walking up to my stall and asking more about Happiness Training. And the stream of people never stopped.

Start up Expo 3 Make Happy Foundation Pragatimaidan 6th October 2018
Start up Expo 3 Make Happy Foundation Pragati Maidan 6th October 2018

Visitor after visitor loved the concept. My visitor book was filling up fast with comments like awesome, greatest concept, in the world of material stuff here is an idea which matters, awesomest and so on!!

Start up Expo 3 Make Happy Foundation Pragati Maidan 6th October 2018
Start up Expo 3 Make Happy Foundation Pragati Maidan 6th October 2018

I was beginning to really enjoy it. Investors came and I thought they would want to have a solid business strategy and plan but I was pleasantly surprised when a whole lot of them appreciated the passion. It was a lovely experience to interact and realise how much people like passion and a drive make others Happy! Once again my belief that ” if you follow your passion ,remain true to your dreams and intent , it shows and people respond to it”

Am sharing some more pictures and my idea and services.

Start up Expo 3 Make Happy Foundation Pragatimaidan 6th October 2018
Start up Expo 3 Make Happy Foundation Pragatimaidan 6th October 2018

And this is what we offer:

 Proposal for Happiness Quotient (HQ) Workshops:

“Happiness can be learnt.”

Before I blow your mind with reasons to have Happiness workshops in your organisation, let me give you some facts.

Happiness today is one of the most elusive life goals. Despite having more facilities and access to better living conditions and a lifestyle better than ever before, the incidence of Happiness deficits are much higher.

But why should a company worry about this? This you feel is a personal issue! Right?

Sorry, but you are wrong.

Finding the perfect balance between fulfilment, comfort and pay is not an easy task. More and more studies are proving that a happy employee is the real asset and the focus has to move from working simply more hours to happier working environments. Organisations need to invest in making employees happier and more creative in order to grow their own business.

Unhappiness in employees leads to reduced efficiency, creativity, energies and productivity. In human beings happiness is a necessary state of mind to be able to effectively contribute.

Just a glimpse of how expensive unhappy employees can be for your organisation:

  1. Having stressed-out and depleted employees serve the public virtually guarantees alienated customers. This can have very serious effects on the bottom line. ……. a 5 percent reduction in customer defection translates into anywhere from a 30 percent to an 85 percent increase in corporate profitability – Employee Stress: The True Cost by David Lee
  2. Employees who claimed to be experiencing high stress levels, over half (57%) reported to be disengaged. – Tower Watson’s Global Benefits Attitudes survey, 2014
  1. The happiness treatments improve that productivity by approximately 10 – 12%. Happiness and Productivity – University of Warwick
  2. One-fourth of employees view their jobs as the number one stress factor in their lives. Whew!!! We need to change this! – Northwestern National Life
  3. Three-fourths of employees believe the worker has more on-the-job stress than a generation ago. – Princeton Survey Research Associates
  4. Problems at work are more strongly associated with health complaints than with any other life stressors – more than even financial / family problems. – St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co
  5. Organizations with high employee engagement outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%. (Business2Community)
  6. 91% of managers say that their roles don’t allow them to be at their best – and 80% of all employees say their jobs don’t fully engage them.

This is serious!

At Google, we know that health, family and wellbeing are an important aspect of Googlers’ lives. We have also noticed that employees who are happy and healthy, as well as respected and rewarded for their contributions, demonstrate increased motivation and productivity.

Lara Harding, People Programs Manager

Why choose our workshops?

Our workshops have been created with an amazing blend of scientific research on happiness and techniques to achieve happiness. We offer a 360-degree workshop experience which satisfy your intellect, stimulates your body & soul and leaves you with concrete Happiness skills which are easy to implement.

We stand apart from all others as we focus on the ‘How’ of happiness!

Here are our Workshops offerings.

Joy and Productivity:

  • Focused on De-Stress Techniques with energy boosting activities. You can look forward to acquiring highly effective de stress hacks.
  • Objective is to equip the participants with amazing easy to do stress management skills.
  • Creation of joy through understanding the basics of joy and by the end of the Workshop participants would have made a mental shift to joy.

Who should attend:

Entry and mid-level executives and team members. Early learning of joy skills gives them the positivity and attitudinal framework to contribute to the best of their abilities.

Happiness Intelligence (Hi 5) Workshop

This helps you develop the understanding of happiness as a science and what actually makes you happy?

  • What Science says about happiness?
  • How to create Happiness from within.?
  • How to make your office environment happier?
  • How to lead with positivity?
  • How to raise the collective Happiness Quotient of the organisation and the employees?

Who should attend?

Team Leaders and Senior Management. People who are in a position to lead and inspire.

How to Fail – workshop

This is a very specialised workshop programme specifically directed to extremely high star achievers. Activity oriented modules deal with little asked questions.

  • Why failure is essential?
  • Have you failed enough?
  • What failure does for Happiness?
  • How to redefine failure in your life and company?

Who should attend:

Mid or senior level executives who have had a phenomenal rise, the brightest and the most ambitious with a CV to die for!


All workshops are available in 2 time-formats.

  • Full day 7-hour workshop
  • Half day 3 ½ hour workshop.

Workshop Goals:

The goal is quite simple “Rewire your brain for Happiness” and we do it with each of our workshops!

Our Talks:

Don’t have time for workshops? We also offer talks on Happiness, Joy and Creativity.

Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours.

1.Trapped in your mind: The roots of happiness blocks.

  1. The Courage to be Happier: How to deal with fear and the inner critic.
  2. The Happier Brain: The science of happiness & the truth of “left vs. right brain” thinking.
  3. Out-of-the-Box Thinking and Happiness: How to make “aha!” experiences more likely.
  4. The Myths of Happiness: Why our Brain tells lies about our Happiness?
  5. Paradox of Plenty: Is your money making you unhappy?
  6. How to create joy in your environment: Re-thinking our focus.

8   Why Agile is the happier management tool.

And here is what happier employees can bring to your organisation, some mind blowing facts! (As per research)

  1. Happiness increases the employee engagement at work by up to ten times.
  2. A happier organizational environment can kick up the culture of innovation by up to 300%.
  3. Happier employees are 20% more productive than their unhappy peers. They also take fewer sick leaves.
  4. In case of sales people, happier employees achieve up to 37% higher sales.
  5. Happier employees create customer happiness and brand loyalty.
  6. Companies with engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.

Our Team

Our team consists of IIT’s and IIM’s alumni, and if that was not enough we also have ex-IAS Allied members on board as well!

About the Happiness trainer:

Anupma V Chandra is passionate about coaching happiness, so much so that she quit her IAS Allied career of 23 years to be a Happiness Coach. She has studied the Science of Happiness from University of California, Berkeley, and is a certified Happiness Coach.

She is an MBA and has also studied Acting and Public Speaking from University of Arizona. In her career she also managed DD News channel and anchored News Discussion Programs.

She can be heard live on a community radio channel Gurgaon ki Awaaz (FM 107.8)

A prolific writer her blogs are available on

Agile Coach & Trainer:

Vipul Chandra : An IT professional with 27+ years of experience, he has been associated with companies like TCS, American Express and Fidelity, in various roles from developer to higher management. A Gold Medalist in his engineering studies, he is an entrepreneur, social mentor and an Agile Coach (ICP-ACC & Certified SAFe 4 Agilist).  His blogs are available on


Our Consultant :

Prof. (Dr.) Rajen Gupta : Most illustrious professor in the field of Organizational Management;  he has taught at IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Lucknow and MDI to name a few.

Contact Us at : +91 971 842 7967 or + 91 836 818 4017 or

Write to us at :

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