100 days of risk-taking Day 3 was rather eventful. The 1st two days had emboldened me a lot and I was feeling rather adventurous. I decided to go all out. I chose a risk which at one go could mean failure, rejection and ridicule.

I decided to sing in full public glare and I am a horrible singer, in fact I am not a singer at all. I can’t sing to save my Life!

I went a step ahead and requested the Radio Station I do a program on to let me sing on AIR! They agreed and I sang a spring folk song in the local dialect of Uttar Pradesh! Here is a picture am avoiding the video (still not ready for that risk!)

Day 3 Risk Taking
Day 3 of Risk taking saw me singing on Radio!

I was as terrible a singer as ever but the response of listeners surprised me. They actually thought it was cute! A whole lot of them said they loved the energy and the carefree, bindaas feel of the way song was sung. And I had had a blast. All my fears were wrong.

My takeaways on Day 3 of Risk Taking

  1. Not being good at something does not mean you cannot do it anyway.
  2. Facing your fears and inviting failure can be a lot of Fun.
  3. You cannot predict people’s response while you may be worrying about your singing talent others may find things, they like about your performance so it’s worth a try.

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