100 Days of Risk Taking, Day 2, no situation is without a way out!

100 days of Risk taking. Day 1 had gone very nicely although I was more than a little embarrassed but felt good at the same time. It was time for Day 2. I decided to take a physical risk, I am petrified of crossing road on highways and busy main roads. The only roads I can cross are in markets with slow traffic movement. I decided to cross the busy high speed Golf Course Road in evening traffic time.

I chose my spot and waited for good 10 minutes trying to muster the courage by looking at other pedestrians. It was too scary. I almost panicked.

road crossing is so scary
Day 2 of 100 days of risk taking make happy foundation

I waited and observed. After a while I realized there did occur bouts of thin traffic and in between a whole bunch of people were crossing in a group and it worked every time.

I walked and joined that group of road crossers where most people were strangers but wanted to cross the road. As soon as the traffic came in a lighter wave, we all started moving and crossed the road with ease. It was easier than I thought and not so impossible.

I looked around, I now wanted to go back to the other side of the road, again I joined the group and this time confidently crossed the road! Amazing.

My Takeaways from Day 2 of risk taking:

  1. No situation is as scary as it seems.
  2. However difficult a situation, there still are windows of opportunities.
  3. Collective knowledge and wisdom gained from experience

can often help you tide over a scary situation easily.

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