It was Day 4 of the 100 days of  Risk Taking Experiment, and I was already feeling very happy and elated. My confidence was zooming up. On day 4 I decided to try being offline for a Day! Yes one full day of Digital detox. No phone, no social media, no internet.

day 4 100 days of risk taking make happy foundation - Made with PosterMyWall
Day 4 going offline 100 days of Risk taking make happy foundation

It really seemed tough but I decided to go ahead. Initially I tried to minimize my risk by thinking that since I am not going to use or carry the phone I will stick around the house or close to it, but then I decided to go whole hog and took a drive to the other end of Delhi.

To begin with I felt odd and at times even looked for my phone in my bag but after an hour or so I got comfortable. I began to feel so free!

It was amazing. The whole day went off well, no incident, no problem and no longer missing the phone. At the end of it I got this blissful Nirvana like feeling!

nirvana feeling
going offline digital detox made me feel unleashed blissful nirvana

My Takeaways

  1. Dependence is an illusion once you know something is not available you adjust to it.
  2. Being offline is possible even enjoyable, so do try to do what seems impossible.

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