Happiness and Samosa is something which happened to me . Happiness! Are we missing the point? I want to tell you what happened today, I have a group of friends who are crazy about Hindi literature and Sher-o -Shayari. We try to catch up off and on to savour gazals and stories. Today was one such day, we had gathered early morning near a school for a no holds barred session on Madhushala and Ghulam Ali!

It was really cold and we were outdoors but the warmth of literature was too strong for us to bother with minor stuff like temperature. It had been a while since we had done this, so each one of us had lots to share and the contributions ranged from intense discussion on Mallika Pukhraj’s , Abhi to main Jawan (अभी  तो  मैं  जवान हूँ  )to couplets like , Hum unki gali se guzre ajeeb itefaq tha, unhone fenka phool Gamla bhi saath tha! (हम उनकी गली  से  गुज़रे  अजीब  इत्तेफ़ाक़  था , उन्होंने  फेंका  फूल  गमला  भी  साथ  था !)

We were literally rolling in laughter and tears simultaneously. It was crazy!

At around 9 AM we saw this small street side Tea shop opening; the guy was beginning to set up the stove and get things going!

The idea of tea was closest to bliss at that point in time. We hopped over to place our order, he said it will take 15 -20 minutes and we said ok! We are standing in the sun there, we told him!

As we were walking away, he called at us and said Bhaiyya Samose bhi Laun? ( Bro Shall I get Samosas too?) Samose? Wow this had to be our luckiest day!

Yes! Yes! we shouted back! How many he said, 10-12 we said!

We resumed our literary summit! Soon we could smell the samosas, oooh this had to be the sweetest smell ever! Our stomach was beginning to rumble now, we could hardly concentrate on Devaki Nandan Khatri’s Chandrakanta!

Soon the Tea stall guy called Bhaiyya Chai Samose wahin le aaun, (Shall I get the Chai Samosas there only?) we said Yes!

He came and placed some worn out Moodhas (Jute Stools) near us and then got the Tea and Samosas on a newspaper! We jumped with joy and grabbed them.

Within no time all but one samosa was gone!

Everyone of us wanted the lone samosa, soon there was a run for it!

Here I feel it’s important to tell you that the people running after the samosa with full intention to snatch it were Professors, MDs, CEOs, writers, business tycoons  … you name it!

Finally, I played the woman card and Got It!

Let’s share, lets share everyone was shouting but I was suffering from a temporary loss of hearing so I devoured it without hesitation! It was an amazing feeling of triumph and taste rolled into one.

I hadn’t felt this happy and alive in a long long time! Our faces were glowing with happiness and joy.

You must be wondering why not order more samosas, we could have but this was more fun! This reminded us of our school days when we actually did not have money for one more samosa!

We walked back home in a state of dizzying bliss.

Once back I sat down to contemplate. I took a pic of me to catch the happiness, did it reflect I wondered!


nirvana feeling
I felt like Nirvana, all because of that Samosa

Factually speaking the Samosa was very ordinary, tea had too much sugar, I don’t know what was the oil, or how clean the kitchen, but none of this mattered and it was amongst my happiest samosas and moment. It was cheap, it was simple and it was joyful.

Yes! it just took only this much to feel me so happy!

Can a five-star meal beat this? I think not! What do you think?

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