People who use these 5 phrases more likely to be Unhappy even Depressed

The words we use are a reflection of our thoughts and our thoughts spring from our sub conscious beliefs and programming. It is how we see ourself. Once we recognize what our words indicate and imply about ourselves and our ability to experience happiness it gets in our power to change the usage of some phrases and concentrate on what really makes us happy. These 5 phrases are something you need to keep off from and it could be the first step towards learning happiness to reap full benefits of happier you.

Check out these 5 phrases, how often do you use them? They are a great indicator of future tendency towards sadness, melancholy, unhappiness even depression within 5 years or less. If you find you use them everyday its time to change your vocabulary.

  1. I am really annoyed: This harmless sounding phrase has a great impact on your mental well being as its akin to asserting to yourself that you are angry, annoyed and irritated. The use of I before any emotion of mental state makes it a powerful assertion so be wary if you catch yourself using the terms I am so angry or annoyed halt right there and tell yourself its ok , no big deal!!
  2. .Why can’t anybody understand? This is a term used by whole lot of people and lot of times its even considered fashionable to brag that nobody really understands me. At other times the phrase is used to imply that nobody is smart enough to understand except me of course. In both cases you generate energies which alienate and put a mental distance between you and others and that’s one sure way to end in a lonely spot. Over the years this loneliness can spread to all areas of your life becoming the number one cause of unhappiness.
  3. This world is going to dogs. It’s a phrase which has become common parlance, but have you ever paused to think world is going to the dogs compared to when and what? In Happiness sphere this amounts to becoming ungrateful. If you think carefully you will realize that you can say this only when all your attention is going to the negative stuff in the world. You are completely ignoring the wonderful things about the world. Using such phrases often puts you in state of negativity which is sure to create massive unhappiness. Be grateful be happier.
  4. Why does it happen to me all the time? Whenever faced with a setback do you have the tendency to ask why is it always me who is suffering. Why do such things happen to me? If yes you are more at risk for depression and anxiety. Using this phrase rewires your mind to prolong the attention on setbacks and soon it becomes a pattern of your life. That is how setbacks get repeated. So if you want to get rid of setbacks play them down and don’t pay too much attention to them. Remind yourself you are so lucky in so many ways and feel higher energies and vibrations.
  5. People are so mean. These days we see so many posts on the social media implying people are mean, useless and not worth me. The strange thing about having such thoughts that it creates a mental state which attracts mean people or behavior in your life. Take a good look at your life do you use such a phrase if yes replace it with people need love and I have love overflowing to give it to others. Love is miraculous.

If you use 3 or more such phrases everyday or often make the change now. This small change can create a happier and more satisfying future.

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