Gurgaon’s Banjara market is a treasure trove for home decors and in the festive season it has donned a look of festivities. I am a frequent visitor to this awesome bazaar and I love to soak into the buzz and energy of this place. In times of Corona it’s the open market which you can visit. Since the market is open air it saves you from risk of closed places. This is the first in the series of Diwali Shopping from Banjara Market so keep a track. This place is even better than Dilli Haat, for its variety and class of things on display. I curate and choose the most stunning and classy items from my favorite Banjara Market.

Camera lights at Banjara Market Gurgaon
Designer Camera Tripod Lamps
Shama holder glassware at Banjara Market Gurgaon
Crystal Candle Stands
hooka accessories at Banjara Market Gurgaon
Pure Glass Candle Burners
decorative mirror and wall panels  at Banjara Market Gurgaon
Antique Mirrors and Photo Frames

The next part of Banjara Market Tour will be coming soon. Watch out.

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