Aggression in children is a major problem these days.In the next few posts I am going to look at the major reasons which lead a child towards aggression. It is very important to recognise and address aggression because if it becomes part of the personality of the child it is very detrimental to the child and people around the child.

Reason number 1.  Not giving full and undivided attention to the child. at least for an hour in a day. What does this mean? It means that when we  talk to the child , when we are answering questions raised by the child and we have one eye on the Television or mobile or another person we create a vicious circle. The child feels this lack of attention but cannot understand what is making her feel uncomfortable. Like our Tina did when her Dad talked to her with his mobile in the eye of his vision, constantly checking , constantly distracted. Now since the child does not have a fully developed mechanism to understand this behaviour and express her feeling she struggles to express and get full attention of the parents. Soon when this conflict remains unresolved she withdraws and there in starts the likelihood of child becoming socially aloof. In every relationship the child anticipates or predicts divided attention since that is her basic concept of interaction coming from her parents and family. So its easier for our Tina to be onto herself and save herself from the discomfort of divided attention. And soon Tina gets defined as a shy child who keeps to herself and that further enforces this trait in her as now everybody expects her to so. The circle just goes on and on. 

Reason Number 2  Aggressive words and gestures in the background environment of the child. It does not mean that the family has to be using aggressive words or gestures, it means aggression coming from various sources. Number one source is Television whether its news channel or daily soaps, then there are video games, cartoons, kids programmes you name it. If you start looking at it carefully you will how much aggressive onslaught is there in the environment. Imagine what is does to young child like our Tina. It makes her believe that these are acceptable words and gestures. More importantly kids begin to think that parents give attention to mediums which are loud and aggressive. So they imitate this behaviour. The rest is not rocket science. You can understand what happens after this. To get a detailed aggression in the environment test write to me. Also win a free coaching session for parents by following this blog.#aggressioninchildren

More reasons for aggression in kids in upcoming blogs.

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