100 Days of Taking Risks experiment, letting someone else walk in my shoes

100 Days of Taking Risk Day 5 I took an Emotional Risk. I decided to share with a friend my wild dreams about the work I was doing. This was something I had kept very close to my heart. Largely because I felt it will be laughed upon, it may seem too far fetched and abstract to many! So I kept it within me.

But since I was into my risk taking experiment I decided to go ahead and give her my shoe.

I called up this friend of mine and told her I wanted to meet her, we met and I told her “Look I want to tell you what I really want to be” then I went to explain and her expression said it all! She exclaimed What? That’s weird! Then she collected herself and said “But if that is what you want why not?”

But she did not look very convinced. We both had a good laugh. Then something unexpected happened, she started carrying forward my dream just like fairytale and soon we were caught in making the story wilder and wilder. It was so much fun! And I realized I felt so light and full of new ideas and insights on my dreams. My friend had actually found my dream rather amusing but still decided to play along. It was a huge release!

My Takeaways

  1. When you open up and become vulnerable you may still be laughed at but it is not as bad as you expect it to be. I mean skies don’t fall.
  2. In fact, it can turn into fun too, more importantly it makes you feel so light to get rid of that fear of rejection. Well worth it to offer somebody your shoes!

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