Yes I know we all want to get what we want and everybody told us its possible right? But here I am telling you that it won’t happen.

Firstly it won’t happen because you don’t really know what you want. You have never given it much thought. You know you are cut out for bigger things, you are not meant to do what you are doing , one day you will figure it out, and magic will happen ….one fine day.  Yeah!confused man

Then it won’t happen because even if you have zeroed in what you really really really want you don’t believe that you can have it. I mean somewhere in the deepest ravines of your brain you think it MAY happen but then not really.Now when you yourself don’t believe in your dream fiercely and totally who else will?

And it will also not happen because you think about your dream only when you have time from everything else. Once you are done with your job, the errands, the social media blah blah, the phone calls, the chores and all that jazz  ,you consider thinking about your dream and whew ………you decide you are too tired so the dreams have to wait. And the next day is the same , the same whirlwind of you don’t know what you did kind of  roller coaster. Of course what you  really really want is not  really really a priority with you. In which case even the Universe can’t conspire to get you what you really really want,  for every conspiracy is designed to get only the most important and urgent.

Now let us believe that you are one of those few exceptional people who have figured out what they really really want , focused on it to figure out how you are going to do it , and its very high on your priority list but somehow you can’t get around to making a start. Did you know that 9 out of 10 people just don’t take the first step even though they have a proper plan. That’s huge 9 out of 10 people !!!! lazy man You put it off to another time, the perfect time, sometimes its too risky, you are too lazy ,you fear failure and then there are those people who somewhere say something about you and you are trying to avoid the gossip, and guess what these people have planned for you ………..Nothing Much. In any case don’t you think all these are only excuses.So you will not get what you want because you won’t even start.

And finally you won’t get what you want because you are going to choose comfortable and familiar over passion every time. Change scares you and you wish to find the new by following the old, its not going to happen. So dreams get buried and one fine day you discover that you are 80 and doing the I wish loop……….I wish I had……



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