Me and Irrfan Khan had a very strange relationship , I think he was the first actor who brought glory to being a Hindi speaking person , a basically Hindustani speaking actor who spoke Hindi with a pride and in a very unabashed and unapologetic way. This was the first thing which attracted me.

Thereafter I followed him very closely, he was a fabulous actor and so intense i loved each one of his performance. I never met him sadly so but I always drew inspiration from him. He helped me come out and accept in front of the whole world that I was Hindi Medium . He taught me to take pride in Hindi truly.

2 things he said in interviews stuck in my mind and they stay there forever.

  1. When he was diagnosed with the rare neurological problem he said I want to live for my wife. Wow what a thought and that day I began to admire Irrfan the husband.
  2. In one of the interviews he said “I am not attached even to my own name” that statement stuck , he just focused on his work, on delivering excellence and did not run after stardom.How many people can remain so detached. I admire him for this

My big regret : I kept thinking of writing to him and telling him that I learnt so much from him to the extent I started a Radio Program called Hindi Medium Ladki , nobody knows but he was the inspiration. I wish I had sent that message, that email ,that letter…. I just wish. A Heartfelt Tribute May you rest in Peace.

A Video Tribute Below

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