We are constantly interacting with the Universe, sending and receiving energies every single moment. What we receive largely depends on what we are sending out and what our dominant vibrations ie Spiritual Energy Vibrations or Aura Energy Vibrations are.

If we want wealth, we need to give out vibrations of wealth same for love or abundance. And how do we know our dominant energy vibrations? For unless we know where we are, we can’t move in the direction of our desires. This 2-minute Spiritual Vibrations quiz will tell your Dominant Energy Vibration and what is your true Energy Vibration? . I Anupma Chandra at Make Happy Foundation have developed this highly researched quiz to set your energies and vibrations in motion to set the Universe Conspiring!!

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This one hour can change your life .Why am I feeling a certain way? Why did I react with anger so quickly? Why do I feel stuck or lost? All of these questions are very normal when ones energy field isn’t vibrating at a higher frequency.