100 Days of Risk taking Whew I did it! I think I always realized that I was not a person who took risks easily. In fact the area of risk taking in my brain was largely dark. So I undertook this experiment on myself to take small and big risks everyday for 100 days. I did it and what I learnt from it was the greatest shock and liberation to me at the same time. Sharing my day wise diary of risk taking.

Day 1

Since it was an entirely new exercise, I was embarking upon I decided to choose a social risk, also because it seemed do able (my left-brain risk aversion logic was already kicking in!). I completely avoid asking for help from strangers to the extent that I may need it desperately but still won’t ask. So this time I decided I will seek help from a stranger and such a stranger who does not fit in my stereotype of ‘Friendly’ by looks and personality.

I went into the metro train and looked around. I saw a particularly aloof and stern looking elderly woman who I thought would not be very helping. I hesitated but then went ahead. Excuse me! My phone needs a money recharge and I have no cash and data is not working without charge, can you help? (Seeking financial help really was a huge risk for me) By now lot of people were looking at me with puzzled eyes. I stood my ground and looked at the lady. She was now looking away (avoiding I thought). I waited although I wanted to run away.

Suddenly she turned to me with a smile ( I did not expect her to !!!)  and said Do you have Paytm, I said Yes , She said I will not give you cash but charge your phone through Paytm and once your data starts working you need to transfer it back right now. I said ok. She charged my phone and I transferred back her the money as soon as network got working.

There was my day one of Risk taking. My 2-valuable take aways were:

  1. Don’t get chained by your stereotypes most likely they are wrong! Challenge your biases!

  2. Sometimes others may have a better, practical and smarter solution to your problem (s) so reach out!

I will be back with Day 2 !!

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