I was in the metro ladies’ compartment, and as usual I had kept my phone in my bag and I settled down to just enjoy the chatter around me. It was evening and lot of young girls were returning from college or office. Invariably phones were ringing and I could make out that concerned Moms were calling to know when their daughter will be back home. Some of the conversations that caught my ear.
Oh Mom am still at Qutub Minar I am just half an hour late and its only 7pm Please relax.
What Mom !! you say this every day! I am fine, if some problem comes up, I will tell you!
Why are you waiting to have tea till I come? I have eaten something already!
All is well Mom I am not a little kid Mom?
Why do you worry so much Ma? I can’t talk now bye, (disconnect)
Yeah Mom will reach in 25 minutes.
Mama why do you call 10 times a day??
Cook anything mom why do you have to ask me yaar! I am tired
Most of the tones were bit irritated and exasperated!
Little do they know that Mom is the only person who will ask you this all her life! And after few years you will love it! As a woman whose Mom is in 70’s now I wait for that concerned phone call from my Mom every day. Come what may she never forgets to ask me did you eat properly? That call makes my Day and I hope when I am 70 I still get that call!!
I wish I knew this in my 20’s I would have never got irritated with the woman who will always make you feel like a child! Agree?
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