Yesterday I was walking around old Delhi and I came across this road that had small one room pukka hutments along the road side with a small drain flowing in front. Between the drain & hutments there was some space wherein 9 -10 women were sitting on 2 charpais ,cutting vegetables. They were talking non stop and laughing loudly. The age group varied from around 20 to 60 years. They seemed to very poor but their joy was palpable as was their camaraderie. I stood close by to eavesdrop just out of curiosity. What was the topic of discussion that made them so happy?

They were just talking about everyday stuff, teasing each other’s looks, planning to go to some local Dussehera ground to see the Ravan, share the cooking of rice, roti & 1 veg in order to get time to go to the mela. None of them intended to eat there, they had no money. Their faces glowed and their eyes glistened with uncontrolled laughter. It was so much fun to just watch & listen.

Comes evening, we also go to see Ravan in a CLUB. It’s good fun but nobody is laughing as mirthfully, all are well dressed but that joyous smile is missing behind arrogant smirks, laden food plates, & I can see hassled faces but I can’t see any uncontrolled laughter with friends!

I wasn’t there to witness Ravan with those ladies of old Delhi but I am sure they laughed and held hands and savoured the moments , and shared unbridled , unedited conversations and truly enjoyed !!! Sometimes I wish for simpler days!!!

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