Success is directly linked to your attitudes and the best part is that attitudes can be modified, take this simple quiz to know your success quotient.

Choose the answer you agree most with.

Q.1 How often have you failed in life?

a) Very Often   b) Occasionally c) Hardly Ever

Q.2 How do you define your early life.? (Years 1 to 14 years of age)

a) Had everything b) Medium or middle-class c) Lived in scarcity.

Q.3 When you want do something what is your approach?

a) Do it immediately b) Wait for some time and do it? c) Decide to do it later.

Q.4 Once you have set a goal how often do you think of it?

a) All the time b) Several times a day c) few times a week

Q.5 How many of your friends have same or similar goals?

a) All of them b) Most of them c) only some of them

Click here to know your Success Quotient.

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