The Mulberry tree who bowled me over.

This morning I was taking a walk in the park. I have a favourite Shahtoot (Mulberry) tree in this park. In season it is loaded with green, red and deep maroon fruits

I love to pick that ripe fruit and eat it straight from the tree.

However today as I walked towards my beloved tree, I was shocked, it was totally dry and leafless. Its dry brown branches looked so dull and lifeless, it broke my heart.

Mulberry tree 1
Its branches were all dry , this Mulberry tree was my favourite

Oh my God, I thought, its gone and now I will never lovingly eat the juicy Shahtoot from its laden branches.

I was almost tearful, why did I not see it before? I could have saved it perhaps.

I tried to tell myself that perhaps it was winters and the tree had shed its leaves. but it looked so totally dry, I was sure it will not revive.

Mulberry tree 2
The dry branches broke my Heart.

I started looking around the tree, touching it, feeling it. As I was doing so, I noticed some green baby leaves sprouting in one lone branch.

Mulberry tree 3
This lone branch had signs of Life!

Yeah it was beginning to bloom again. It had not lost faith in nature, it had not lost faith in itself!

Mulberry tree 5
Wow the tree was beginning to bloom!

I wish human beings could be the same.

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