Its 8th of March  2019 and we at Make Happy Foundation have completed 1 year of spreading happiness and cheer. We are grateful to everybody who kept their confidence in us and gave us opportunity to bring our unique happiness initiative to them.

Our Foundation Day is also the International Women’s Day so we celebrated both and here is a glimpse of the celebrations at our Happiness Studio on Golf Course Road Gurgaon. Firstly we gave our office a make over and now it looks so bright!

1 st anniversary MHF
It was Happiness Time, 1st Anniversary Make Happy Foundation

In this one year we kept our full on effort to grow ourselves and create activities around happiness. Some of the key highlights of our 1st year.

  1. The workshops

We did corporate and individual workshops on Happiness. Our kids workshops got very popular here is a photo journey through some of our workshops!

MHF Corporate Workshops

Our Popular “Letters to Myself”, “Happiness through Art ” “Attitude Disease Connect” Bucket List with a twist” and many more! Here is a glimpse

Bucket list MHF
Bucket List with a twist!
Bucket List with a Twist MHF
Happiness Through Art Workshop


Letters to Myself Workshop
Writing the forgiveness Letter to Myself
Letters to Myself Workshop
Letter to My future Self

2.The Kids Workshops

Kids WorkShop MHF
spontaneous Nature and Happiness Art Workshops

Spontaneous Nature Connect Workshop
Kids can relate to nature spontaneously , we need to learn, workshop


MHF Nature Workshop
Kids get creative MHF Happiness

3.Happiness Activity When less is more! What do you do with a budget of 299/-

Window Shopping @ Chandni Chowk
No Buying only looking Chandni Chowk @299
Metro @ Chandni Chowk
Metro ride back Chandni Chowk @299
OOh lovely@ Chandni Chowk
There is nothing like the juice and masala at the bottom of fruit chaat plate! Chandni Chowk @299


Fruit Chaat Masala @ Chandni Chowk
There is nothing like the juice and masala at the bottom of fruit chaat plate! Chandni Chowk @299


4. Participation in Start up Expo in Pragati Maidan, Amazing Response!

Start up Expo 3 Make Happy Foundation Pragatimaidan 6th October 2018
Start up Expo 3 Make Happy Foundation Pragati Maidan 6th October 2018

5. Launch of the Happiness Box most creative and effective DIY guided Happiness Activity Concept. Best Seller on Amazon

MHF Happiness Box
MHF DIY Happiness Box, a guided activity kit

6. Launch of our Internet Radio : Bebaak Parindey available on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast , Spotify and Anchor FM. Here are some episodes

Women’s Day 2019 Yes I wear a Bindi with Mini Skirt!

Muneer Niyazi’s Nazm made me write this letter

7. Launch of our you tube channel. Some Videos

8. Live Program with Gurgaon ki Awaaz Community Radio.

Gurgaon Ki Awaaz
Program Family Time on Gurgaon Ki Awaz

Hear the Radio Station here
9. Social initiative continues with lesser served kids!

Jyeshtha school 1
Make Happy Foundation supported Street School kids to perform at Kingdom of Dreams

Here are some links on full stories of our activities!

Chandni chowk@299/-

Letters to Myself

Attitude Disease Connect

Nature and Kids

Who Am I?

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