Once we orient ourselves to positive and happy attitudes our vibrations or the energies we give out begin to change. At some point we start vibrating at a frequency which is very attractive to wealth or money. Once we reach that stage our senses get more attuned to symbols which signify money. Here are 13 such symbols

  1. You begin to notice fragrances: This is one of the most common change which occurs in your senses. You begin to notice more subtle and fine fragrances which could be related to flowers, perfumes, food aroma , people and so on.
  2. You suddenly realise that you are seeing same numbers everywhere: like similar number plates, mobile numbers, house numbers, price of items. Some common pattern begins to emerge. Sometimes you would feel as if all cars you are seeing have 11 or 22 or every new phone number you are saving ends with similar numbers. This surely is a sign of wealth getting attracted to you.
  3.  Ants are frequenting your house: This sign has been accepted by ancient wisdom too. To put it in a more scientific perspective ants are hypersensitive to abundance and will go to places which offer plenty.
  4. Your garden begins to bloom: There is a story that says if you curse and say negative things to plants and trees they die and reverse is also true if your home emanates positivity they bloom thereby indicating that abundance is attracted to this place.
  5. You begin to find items you thought you had lost: This is very pertinent and lost items find their way towards you as your vibrations are now helping you get more.
  6. You see lot of flowing clear water in your dreams: Once our minds are thinking pleasant thoughts our dreams change. And clear flowing water is a symbol of calm , happy mind . So once your mind starts catching wealth signals in your dreams it is one of the most powerful symbols.
  7. The rooms in your home or office feel as though they are bigger: Yes your perception of space changes and somehow rooms seems bigger and brighter.
  8. The number of birds coming to your garden or balcony has increased: Birds flock at happy places and the more they chirp more wealth in on your way.
  9.  You feel like going towards the hills to holiday or just visit: When mountains and hills start calling you answer that call for energies in higher climes definitely are more tuned to positivity.
  10. You feel like sharing whatever you have with the lesser privileged: This feeling of generosity is something all people who have become wealthy share. Most of the people I have coached do indicate this sudden and significant desire to give just before they get lot of wealth.
  11. Glass items in your home keep getting broken: Lot of people consider this as not so lucky an omen but the truth is that if glasses are getting broken for no reason money is coming so SMILE.
  12. You more clearly notice the colours of the flowers grass butterflies etc: This happens as you start vibrating on a higher frequency and it is very strong this sense of noticing so you will know when that happens.
  13. And finally you find an odd coin here and there like the park or roadside: Truly once this stage is reached you will find coins often and it means money is arriving very soon.

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