What a Bad Boss earns for himself/herself.
A few days back I happened to be out with my friends and ex colleagues to a party. We were all having fun and reliving the older days , generally joking about the experiences and the myriad of bosses we had had. Some great , some OK and some truly bad.
Suddenly one person from our group whispered don’t look towards the gate, don’t look towards the gate. We were like why why ……..
He said its the Devil ( nickname for the ex bad boss, though it is a kinder version of the actual nickname .)
Oh we all said in unison and started working out a strategy to totally avoid the person . He/She shouldn’t spot us and we shouldn’t run into her/him ! Actually the person’s presence caused stress even now! Unbelievable!
Eventually we decided that since this person loves to hang around the power centres, big wigs and king makers, we are safer in a quiet corner of the garden! Where we continued our fun!! And yes out strategy succeeded!
I am sure I am not alone in the experience.
Do you want to be the BOSS who will avoided and shunned to this extent? Think!

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