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Hands on Summer Training with experience certificate and experience Letter for 13 to 20 years age group. This experience given by us is highly coveted by foreign university in screening of admission applications and final selections.

We at Make Happy Foundation are offering most unique Summer Training Experience Program called “I Believe in Me”. Program mentors are ex IAS officers and Berkeley, Yale educated trainers.The objective is to expose the youngsters to a multitude of skills which are creative and social. Such exposure empowers the youth and creates a happier,more successful and resilient adult. We are offering 2weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks training modules in Gurgaon, timings will be 10.30 am to 5 pm in the summer vacations. Flexi timings can be worked out. In case participant misses some days due to travel etc she/he can cover it up later.

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Life Empowerment I believe in myself summer experience and training program make happy foundation

Our Training structure covers the following.

  1. Extensive exposure on how to go about a startup, why you can do it at any age.
  2. What constitutes a successful blog, how to start and how to make a difference through it. Every participant will have the choice to create a blog and get it running.
  3. Social component: Why Social Initiatives are important? How to integrate social work in your daily life? Hands on exposure to social initiatives we support. Each participant will adopt a cause for life and we will handhold.
  4. Creating Radio Programs, how to reach out with your passion. It is totally hands on and each participant will make one program each week with her/his own content which will be on Air.
  5. Exposure to Community Radio, 2 visits to community radio with full exposure to their functioning. To make it even better the participants get to be live on the radio in a program. We will groom them for this. And if they enjoy and feel interested we offer them year long association where we will continue to give them opportunities to be live on Radio free of cost.
  6. Creative writing, a full-fledged training so that they can create meaningful and effective radio programs as well as blogs.
  7. A special component on how to write Statements of Purpose (SoP) and essays about yourself needed when applying for University Admissions. (Indian and Foreign)
  8. Public Speaking the techniques and hacks. By the end of the program the participant will stun you with her/his oratory skills. That’s a guarantee!
  9. Creating videos. We will teach techniques and the videos created by them will be given exposure on all out platforms.
  10. Happiness and Life Skills training: to equip them with amazing confidence and attitudes. This will be hands on with participants attending all our workshops in that duration, involvement in creating more workshops, opportunities to explore their personality and off course learning these skills from our experts and mentors.
  11. Why Failure is your friend! This component develops strong skills of bouncing back and children are able to deal better with bullying, teasing and of course failures.
  12. Interactions with people who are achievers and sky high on life skills. We have on board Mentors from Berkeley, Yale, Harvard, IITs, IIMs and civil Services. We also have people who are inspiring entrepreneurs and role models.


Our modules are an awesome mix of learning with actual work experience and creating visible work in creative and social areas. Participants will have full access to their creations. All participants continue to be mentored by us for life.

At the end of the program you can expect a work portfolio and at least 2 radio programs, 2 videos, 2 live Radio opportunities done by participants under our guidance. This comes with an Experience Certificate and an extensive Experience Letter which can be effectively used for admissions in Foreign and Indian Universities. All media will also be available on line in case Institution needs to check. We are also open to giving our participants experience letters in formats needed by Universities.

It is a paid program. Please call 9718427967 for details and customized options.

We can take only 2-3 batches of 6 participants each. While we don’t go by grades, family background, aspirations and participant’s areas of interest are important to us. Please write to us for the application form at  Check us out at and our

Facebook page

We reserve the right to select candidates.  Our applications are open for 2019. For any queries feel free to call at 9718427967.





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