Create more boxes than the computer to win the game.
  • Draw a line anywhere on this grid below, by selecting 2 consecutive dots, either horizontal or vertical. A red line will appear.
  • Almost immediately the computer would draw a blue line somewhere else on this grid.
  • Keep creating red lines while computer will keep creating the blue lines.
  • When you get a box with 3 sides enclosed with lines then aim to close the box by drawing the line on the 4th side. If you are successful in doing so a red box will appear and the score card at the bottom will increment by 1 against the User. You will not lose your turn till you keep creating red boxes.
  • Likewise if computer has the opportunity to close a 3 sided box then it will close as many blue boxes as it can close on its turn.  In doing that the scoreboard will eep incrementing by 1 for each box and will show the score for the Computer.
  • At the end the grid will have 49 boxes of either red or blue colors, and the score at the bottom will show who has how many.
  • I hope you enjoy this addictive game.