I want to share with my personal experience of what children can be , how amazing, how pleasantly surprising and inspiring! I once did a workshop on “How to become really creative “for kids. It was an outdoor program in a park. I had prepared many props with which to challenge the kids into thinking out of the box.

I was supremely confident of my methods and knew I could really drive the kid’s imagination wild and free. So we started, incidentally the hedge in that park had been trimmed that very day and lot of branches lay around the edges of the park.

I started with creative theatre, the kids made random stories not always making sense but displaying lot of imagination, we acted and then something remarkable happened.

Few of the kids started playing with the twigs of the cut hedge. They were so joyful that I did not have the heart to ask them to stop. Within 5 minutes I saw the kind of creativity no prop of mine could have facilitated. Here are the pics to tell you what I mean.

connect with nature workshop
Kids really know how to connect with nature. Pictures say it all

Needless to say Kids rendered me speechless, they made me understand one more time that creativity needs no props!!

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