In my 100 Days of risk Taking on day 6. I decided to risk giving something to a stranger, and to the kind of stranger who does not look like in need of something and who is not used to accepting stuff from strangers.

I felt really odd thinking about executing it but nonetheless I felt it was a risk I needed to take. I chose a new unisex kind of handkerchief and made a plan.

I packed the hanky in a new transparent sheet and decided I will give it to the first well-dressed (since the idea was not charity) person I saw.

As I stepped there was this guy waiting for his cab on the road, in full executive attire right down to a pure leather laptop bag.

man with laptop 100 days of risk taking make happy foundation
man with laptop 100 days of risk taking make happy foundation

I approached him and this is the conversation I had:

Me: Hi

He: Looks wary then Hi

Me: I wanted to give you this Hanky, its new

He: steps back, what!!! Why!!

Me: I don’t need it

He: Why don’t you give it to someone who needs it?

Me: Well I just thought I could give it to you.( I persisted)

He: Are you crazy or something?

Me: Ok Ok Forget it! (I was trying hard to control my smile.)

As I turned, He said Hey what do you do? Are you Radio Jockey or something? Making my Bakra?

Me: I said no I am a Happiness Coach

He: Started laughing hysterically, you guys are nuts!

Me: why? (By now I was comfortable with myself to continue the conversation)

He: What you did takes guts man ! I could have never done it! I am so and so (gives his card)

Me: I smiled and said will send you the link of this story!

I had thoroughly enjoyed my risk and my key takeaways:

  1. Apprehension of a situation is worse than situation itself
  2. What begins as stressful can easily become hilarious!
  3. If you persist an interaction you begin to see the human side of the other person.


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