Sky LIMIT नहीं है Limit सिर्फ आपके दिमाग में है Sky is not the Limit Hindi Motivational Talk by Anupma Happy talks

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I am Anupma ex Civil Servant Ex IAS(A) who made it to UPSC despite being a failure in school , despite being Hindi medium and despite being laughed at. My talk is available on Josh Talks.If I can do it you can too. Now I follow my passion as a Happiness and Life Coach, as Mentor for IAS and other exam interviews and writtens, I am doing things as a writer, creator and Motivator! . You can hear my stories on Radio Bebaak Parindey on Anchor FM , Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts 
and on Hub Hopper Originals in Kahani Studio and Hamare Tumhare Khat. 
You can write to me at

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