I was just going through the profile of Rupsa winner of Super Dancer Chapter 3 and some more finalists. What struck me that these kids are coming from backgrounds of scarce resources and facilities. What makes them excel creatively?

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Rupsa winner of Super Dancer comes from a humble background

Have you also noticed that kids who excel in various fields especially creative fields often come from very average and humble backgrounds? Why does that happen? Here are couple of reasons.

1.Resource abundance can actually be counterproductive. In fact, constraints seem to improve our performance as far as creativity goes. In constraints we are forced to work out ways with limited resources much like Jugaad. You stretch your mind to find a solution. With abundance, as researchers Mehta and Zhu concluded, people simply have no incentive to use what’s available to them in novel ways.

2.The problems, challenges, and opportunities with constraints yield better results and direct us to make the best out of what we have. Without constraints we tend to simply retrieve exemplary use cases from memory; we typically wear shoes, so that’s how we think of shoes. This functional fixedness can prove a real cognitive roadblock, causing us to see resources only as what they appear to be on the surface, or what they’ve been in the past.

3 scarcity forces focus. With fewer and seemingly unconnected resources we are forced to focus on what we have and totally not concern ourselves with other things. In other words, our focus improves significantly and we move to our Right Brain use, which is the creative side!

4.Scarcity forces us to be genuinely creative: When available resources are scarce, we really find out of box solutions and push ourselves beyond limits. It is the kind of genuine creativity one saw in Rupsa’s dance. Because somewhere she knows intuitively that the only way to rise is to do something nobody else can do. With scarcity our creativity peaks because thee is no other easier option.

I also had some such experience because of my father who believed in difficulties!

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We really need to take a hard look at our own homes and kids. are we making things too abundant and easy for them, are we killing their own creativity and excellence ?

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